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Compare TVS/ESD Protection Devices

Are you starting a new design, or trying to improve the robustness of an existing system? Let PESTO search hundreds of devices for the best option!

Compare ASICs/SoCs

Are you considering changing to a new chip vendor, or a new revision or new interface? Find out how the new chip might affect the system ESD robustness of the exisitng system.

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I have my ASIC/SoC chip. Which ESD Protection Device should I use?

With hundreds of curated TVS and ASIC models on file, let PESTO optimize the combinations for the right place to begin your design.

I have an alternative/revision of an ASIC/SoC. Will the system ESD robustness be impacted?

Input an approximate model, or have Pragma create one from your data or parts and gain confidence that your BOM and AVL are copasetic.

Industry Standard Methodology

The PESTO engine implements dynamic and quasi-static 'SEED' modeling promoted by the ESD Industry Council. Implement quick product selection with PESTO LITE, and full model and failure mode development with PESTO2.

More about PESTO and the System Efficient ESD Design (SEED) Methodology

Simulation and Emulation article:
InCompliance Magazine

"...a virtual characterization lab where various protection schemes can be at least quantifiably compared for robustness under repeatable settings."

Chad Marak

"Selecting the right ESD protection components and verifying their performance used to be an expensive, time-consuming, and often incomplete process because the protection device was not considered in relation to the device it was protecting. The new ESD tool eliminates searching through datasheets for parametric information or incompatible simulation files..."

Read about it all:
Wiley - Amazon

"Rather than a competitive or isolated vertical development approach, this book proposes system co‐design as a cooperative which end‐product performance, robustness, and overall cost are simultaneously optimized in the appropriate area for the targeted application environment."

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